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“…How often is a scholarly work turned into film? Well, the answer is it can happen…the film is ‘Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith’…” - Gustav Niebuhr - The New York Times

“…Aims to spark a nationwide interreligious dialogue that will bring Jews and Christians not only closer to their common roots but also closer together…frank and often startling interviews of forty top Jewish and Christian scholars, along with brutally honest, off-the-cuff commentary by lay people…an important teaching tool that can help diffuse the animosity that has existed between the two religious groups for 2,000 years…” - Newsday

“…It is impossible to tear away from ‘Jews & Christians: Journey of Faith’, a striking, intelligent documentary…weaves a marvelous story of commonality and contempt, always with hope at its’ core…as a thoughtful guide to such respect and tolerance ‘A Journey of Faith’ may have no peer…the documentary is a choice example of thorough reporting and brilliant editing.” - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“…A great example of how magnificent television can be…a stunning documentary that makes great strides toward educating Jews & Christians about each other.” - Sojourners Magazine

“Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith” stands out...rings with the freshness and urgency of an encounter between major world religions. The program has real, contrasting points of view. It shows strengths and weakness in each. And it resists tying everything in a neat ribbon, actually allowing viewers to make up their own minds.” - South Florida Sun Sentinel

“With ‘Jews & Christians,’ you won’t need the remote. The subject will grip you.” - Albany Times Union

“…A remarkable couple of hours…” - New York Magazine

“Both Jews & Christians can learn not only lessons in tolerance, but also a deeper understanding of their own faiths through this excellent documentary. – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

“…an engaging and moving TV documentary...” - Omaha World Herald

“…the most honest, insightful probing of the relations between two faith communities which this critic has ever seen.” – Thomas Goodhue, The Long Island Reporter

”This handsome two-hour PBS documentary…demands mental engagement. Ideas, contrasts and comparisons are many…” – The Washington Times

“The creators of this extraordinary presentation deserve tremendous credit for a job superbly done…It would be a sin in any religion if you missed this educational and entertaining program.”
Indianapolis Jewish Post & Opinion

“…It is hoped that parents, teachers and all faithful will use ‘Journey of Faith’ as a tool to promote understanding, tolerance and , ultimately acceptance of the ties that bind us and an appreciation of our differences.” - Catholic News Service

“This documentary is an excellent resource for congregations embarking on the path of interfaith dialogue.” -The Lutheran

“A show to open the eyes of Christians and Jews…a powerful documentary that should go a long way in helping both Christians and Jews understand one another and give members of both faiths new impetus to dialogue.” – Providence Journal

“…The program’s intent is noble and its’ broadcast on Easter gives more religious nourishment than another viewing of the ‘Ten Commandments.’” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Lessons in history…TV’s ‘Jews & Christians’ explores the ancient conflicts – and common ground – of two great faiths.” - Sacramento Bee

“Journey of Hope…TV film odyssey enables Jews, Christians to engage each other’s views.
South Bend Tribune

“It is the single best program available on the interrelationship between Christians and Jews.”- Religion News Service


Yeshiva Class

We believe a greater understanding of the history between Christians and Jews can contribute to strengthening religion’s role as a peacemaker.
Luis Lugo – director
The Pew Charitable Trusts Religion program

A Stunning Achievement!  A documentary that breaks new ground in furthering positive Christian-Jewish relations.
Rabbi A. James Rudin
The American Jewish Committee

A good introduction to the entire discussion of how Christianity and Judaism are related, and to sensitive issues of our history....Thank you for creating this resource, which will certainly be helpful for those who want to bring Christians into a study with their relationship with Jews and Judaism, as well to those looking for something to help start a Christian-Jewish dialogue on the way our faiths are intertwined.
Rev. Dr. Jay T. Rock, Co-Director Interfaith Relations,
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.

An excellent resource in documenting both the contemporary encounter between Jews and Christians and in moving it forward.
Dr. Eugene Fisher, National Conference of Catholic Bishops

This is important material which is very much needed in the interfaith dialogue. It will help implement the interfaith relationship at the pew level: Christian documents on Christian-Jewish relations and Jewish perspectives on Christianity. The video will enhance the inter-religious relationship between Christians and Jews in the United States, fostering peace and friendship.
Rabbi Leon Klinicki,
Director Emeritus of Interfaith Affairs,
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

I believe that this educational resource has the possibility to invigorate communities around this country who want to develop new habits of interaction.
Dr. Christopher M. Leighton
Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies

The highly professional production values add to making this a most attractive piece…Great scenery, personal interviews, or eavesdropping on dialogue and action. This variety of presentation offers the possibility of many people finding that to which they relate. Not only do I heartily recommend using this video, I urge it!
Susan B. Stone – reviewer
Congregations Magazine, Alban Institute


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